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Why entering awards is beneficial for business

Entering an award is something that any company can do, regardless of its size, industry or strengths. There are so many awards on offer today, from local to national and with a huge variety of categories to enter, you’re bound to find something to suit your business.


While the main aim of entering might be to win the award, there are so many benefits that come alongside putting your name forward to win. In this blog, we explore some of the benefits that entering an award can bring to your company – even if you’re not successful on the night.


Increased authority

Being shortlisted, nominated for or winning an award can do wonders for your business’s credibility. A third-party endorsement such as these really showcases the authority of your business, recognising that you are a significant competitor in your sector.


If you’re trying to attract new customers or win an investment, being able to prove your worth through an award shortlist or win will lend you some invaluable backing. Your retained clients will be impressed, while potential clients will be more likely to seriously consider you for the job.


Brand awareness

Even making the shortlist for an award can provide bountiful PR opportunities. Reputable awards can generate meaningful interest and coverage for your business, raising awareness of your business among new audiences.


If you are shortlisted, make sure you maximise this opportunity – find the social profile of the awards and share everything you are tagged in as well as posting about the shortlist yourself. Ensure you incorporate any of the award logos into things like your email signature, website and social media posts to really spread the word of your achievement.


Attract new talent

Putting your business forward for awards is a great way of making your name known in the job market. Working for an award-winning business can be a really appealing attribute for employees. By making it known you’ve been recognised as the best in a particular field, you’ll be able to attract the very best talent in your sector.


It’s not just new employees that will be impressed – your current staff will be pleased too, as it provides tangible evidence that their hard work has paid off.


Networking opportunities

Business awards bring together industry leaders, both on the judging panel and amongst the other shortlisted companies. Companies you might never have otherwise met can prove to be great contacts in the future, and simply being aware of these other companies helps you keep relevant in your sector.


The awards night itself can also be a valuable chance to network. If you attend the ceremony, make sure to build relationships with the other nominated companies, forge new connections and gain some valuable industry insight by speaking to other business leaders.


Growth and learning

The process of applying for an award is a brilliant chance to reflect on your business strategy. By presenting your business with a third-party objective view in mind, it is the perfect chance to look at your business model with a fresh perspective.


If you win, it’s definitely a sign that you’re heading in the right direction with your business. If you didn’t, the experience is still a valuable learning opportunity. Ask yourself – what could I have done better? That way, you’ll gain something just as important as the award itself and be ready to win next time.


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