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How Causeway can help to overcome business challenges in Northern Ireland

How Causeway can help overcome business challenges in Northern Ireland

If you are facing business challenges in Northern Ireland you’ll be interested to hear about Causeway: Ireland Scotland Business Exchange.


Following great success in fostering ties between Scotland and the Republic of Ireland, Causeway: Ireland Scotland Business Exchange is now to launch in Northern Ireland on the 27th of November 2018 in Belfast City Hall.


Working with businesses in Belfast and the surrounding areas, Causeway will bring the benefits of membership to Northern Ireland’s thriving business community and establish a bustling programme of activity to sit alongside that taking place in Scotland and the Republic of Ireland.


So why should you become part of Causeway? Let us explain how we can help your business to thrive and overcome current business challenges in Northern Ireland…


Causeway fosters close economic ties between Scotland, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland


Providing a high-level forum to allow businesses to build relationships and expand their networks, membership is open to any business looking to grow connections and support other organisations with similar ambitions.


Causeway is expanding its network into Northern Ireland to allow for greater business connections to be made between the three regions.


Causeway facilitates networking and event opportunities


At Causeway, we pride ourselves on running effective, relevant and thought-provoking events. Providing a robust business platform across all three regions, Causeway facilitates businesses to connect and share opportunities and knowledge.


Check out what events we have coming up.


Causeway shares industry insights


We issue blogs and industry insights across a number of key sectors in Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland on our website and social channels and at our many industry events throughout the year.


Causeway receives support from both the Scottish and Irish Governments


With this ongoing support, Causeway is in a strong position to be able to positively impact your business by introducing you to like-minded professionals. Creating the space for people to make great new business connections and directing them to people in organisations where they can receive specific business advice, such as Scottish Development International or Enterprise Ireland.



Since launching in 2016 over 500 businesses have benefitted from networking events and it is hoped that the Northern Ireland launch will further increase the number of businesses Causeway are able to support across the 3 regions.


The next step for Northern Ireland, will be to establish a local committee with responsibility to develop an events and networking programme, as well as connecting with other business organisations and growing the membership base.  This committee will operate under the guidance of the Causeway board similar to the committee structures in Ireland and Scotland.

Interested in joining this committee? Sign up for membership now.


For more information on how Causeway can help your business, don’t hesitate to contact us


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