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How LinkedIn can help your business grow

When looking to expand an organisation’s reach, social media is without doubt a cost-effective tool. From Instagram to TikTok, the digital landscape offers numerous platforms, yet one that is frequently underutilised by businesses is LinkedIn.

In this blog, we explore LinkedIn’s hidden potential and how businesses can best leverage the social media platform to enhance their brand presence, connect with industry leaders, and drive meaningful engagement. Plus, we draw inspiration from some of our own members! 

Building a Brand Presence 

Beyond aesthetics is brand voice, and what better way to showcase a brand’s personality than through its staff? Highlighting staff achievements, from welcoming new team members to celebrating personal milestones like career advancements or athletic feats, all showcase the ethos and values of a business and make your team feel good too! 

Encourage staff participation by engaging them with company updates and encouraging them to share updates within their networks. 

When it comes to connecting with your audience, the focus is not on posting professional headshots or pictures from planned photoshoots. What truly resonates are images of people, even if snapped with a smartphone. BITA, the 'People Who Know People That Help People,' understands the power of human connection. They have found that the LinkedIn posts featuring members attending events get the most attention and engagement.  

Establishing Thought Leadership 

LinkedIn is a great place for businesses to contribute to wider conversations and share thought leadership pieces. Whether this be a CEO of a large corporation sharing their opinion on a recent news story or a marketing professional dissecting industry trends, each post opens the space for further conversations among peers and industry professionals. These posts also provide opportunities for members of your team to showcase their areas of interest and research. This all contributes to the goal of showcasing that your brand is a respected authority within your field.  

Causeway members Pinpoint Ltd., manufacturers of staff safety alarms, consistently share relevant information and opinions on staff safety. This proactive approach not only engages their audience but positions themselves as industry leaders dedicated to safeguarding employees.  

Connecting with Industry Leaders 

The concept of "six degrees of separation" is the idea that we are all connected by just six social connections. With this in mind, your network can be limitless! With LinkedIn, it is easier than ever to find and connect with professionals in your industry across the globe.  

To expand your network, find and share engaging news stories from your industry and don’t forget to comment as doing so showcases your expertise in the sector. Seek out CEOs and entrepreneurs who inspire you and connect with them to learn from their strategies and successes. 

Don't shy away from connecting with competitors; consider them as peers from whom you can learn valuable insights rather than direct rivals. Joining relevant groups on LinkedIn is another way to significantly boost your connections and visibility. 

For example, Causeway members, Represent Comms, shared how staying connected with fellow marketing agencies and journalists on LinkedIn fuels their creativity. By keeping abreast of trends in news cycles and marketing trends, LinkedIn has become a valuable source of inspiration on how to enhance their clients' communications strategies. 

Follow Causeway on LinkedIn or join as a member to tap into our vibrant network, access valuable resources, and collaborate with like-minded individuals across Scotland and the island of Ireland.  


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