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Ireland’s creative talent showcased at the Edinburgh Fringe



Ireland’s creative talent showcased at the Edinburgh Fringe


Ireland has historically been a country where storytelling has been celebrated, whether that be through literature, art, music or folklore. For such a small island, Ireland has contributed so much to the arts world through its famous authors, poets and dancers.


The amazing artistic talents of Ireland are showcased every year at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, where performers gather from across the world to celebrate creative freedom.


In this blog, we have put together some of the best Irish creative imports to Scotland that you can see performing at the Fringe this year.



Sarah-Jane Scott’s one-woman show Appropriate is running for the whole of the Festival, telling the story of Sorcha, who has just run away from her own wedding reception. This darkly funny tale of searching for love in rural Ireland was called ‘winningly tongue in cheek’ by the Irish Times.


Everything I Do

Musician Zoe Ní Riordáin wrote and performs this music-driven theatre piece. Everything I Do tells the story of love, loneliness and music’s healing power. After being awarded Best Performer at the Dublin Fringe, Zoe’s show is definitely one to watch.


Johnny Irish

Duffy Connors is bringing his one-man show Johnny Irish to Scotland, which promises plenty of bizarre tales and well-crafted one liners, with a sprinkling of musical comedy for good measure. His comedy style is an odd mix of self-depreciation and smugness, which makes for a crazy but entertaining show.


The Patient Gloria

Gina Moxley’s theatre show The Patient Gloria wowed audiences during its sell-out premiere at the Dublin Theatre Festival last year, and its performance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe promises to do the same. This experimental production provides a meditation on therapy, misogyny and femininity.


Hard to be Soft: A Belfast Prayer

Dancer and choreographer Oona Doherty’s Hard to be Soft: A Belfast Payer explores the hidden depths of Belfast’s hard men and strong women, masked by violence and machismo. The dance piece features solos from Doherty herself, plus a hip-hop group dance and choreographed wrestling match.


This intense, compelling work by multi award winning Doherty promises to be an unmissable glimpse into the secret life of Belfast’s street life.



Multi award winners Fishamble and Pat Kinevane’s Before is a play beautifully informed by music. We follow Pontius as he struggles to choose a gift for his estranged daughter, a day before the shutdown of the iconic Clery’s Dublin department store.



Written and performed by Timmy Creed, Spliced is a hard-hitting account of one man struggling to search for his individuality outside of the sporting world of hurling, which he has been raised in. Centred around discussions of masculinity, mental health and identity, this visceral show is an intense must-see performance.


I Want an Irish Passport

Mary Bourke’s stand up solo show I Want an Irish Passport delves into what it really means to be Irish – is it just having an Irish passport, or is it something more than that? Bourke answers all these questions and more in her hilarious take on Irish identity.


A Holy Show

Written and directed by Janet Moran, A Holy Show is a new comedy show about the most Irish of hijackings. Offering music, heroism, praying, visions and a lot of laughs, Moran’s comedy is not to be missed.


All Together Irish

After a sell-out run last year, All Together Irish returns to offer a daily selection of Ireland’s best comedians, plus guest appearances from comics from other countries. Perfect for those looking for something both entertaining and free at the Fringe this year.


Brendan Galileo for Europe

Fionn Foley’s multi award winning show, Brendan Galileo for Europe, is a hilarious comedy featuring a mix of comedy, politics and the European Song Contest. Struggling to save his local music school, Finn’s character Brendan attempts to make his mark on the European Parliament by representing his country at Eurovision, to hilarious effect.


Body Language

Two-time Fringe First-winning CoisCéim Dance Theatre return with Body Language, a unique and spontaneous production that is created each day in real-time from live interviews, photography, video projection, music and choreography. This curious show explores non-verbal communication, and you are guaranteed not to see the same show twice!


Let us know what recommendations you have for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year too? Find us on Twitter and Facebook.



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