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Meet the Committee… Eugene Mullan, Director

As part of our Meet the Committee series, we spoke to Causeway Director Eugene Mullan, founder of one of Scotland’s leading architectural practices, Smith Scott Mullan Associates.

Eugene has been involved with Causeway from its beginning, with his role encompassing everything from event planning to overseeing the strategy of the organisation.

Here, Eugene tells us about his own career journey, how he got involved with Causeway and how a chance conversation can lead to unexpected opportunities.

What does your role on the committee at Causeway entail?

“As a founder and original Director of the Irish Business Network Scotland – now Causeway - my role includes everything from strategic overview, statutory compliance, organisation structure and managing our involvement in events.

“As a born and bred Belfast boy I have a particular interest in the development of Causeway in Northern Ireland.”

How did you become involved with Causeway?

“Like all these things it started with a conversation, an appealing proposition and a prod to get involved. My conversation was with Pat Bourne, who was at the time the Consul General of Ireland to Scotland. Involvement with Causeway is something which he and his successor, Mark Hanniffy, have ably supported.

“I now find myself regularly having these conversations with others, putting out the proposition and of course delivering ‘the prod!’”

What do you hope to achieve during your time on the Causeway committee?

“To establish a successful, sustainable organisation which provides benefits to a wide range of businesses in Ireland and Scotland.”

Tell us a little about your professional background.

“I am a founder of Smith Scott Mullan Associates, one of the leading architectural practices in Scotland. I am an architect and a qualified urban designer, with a particular interest in the effective regeneration of neighbourhoods and creation of successful places.

“I have significant experience in residential design across a range of tenures, most recently in design for older people and those with dementia. I have a recognised expertise in stakeholder and community consultation, having organised a number of programmes and lectured on the subject.

“I sit on the Advanced Construction Group of the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre and I am convenor of The Crags Sports Centre, which is a social enterprise. I was also secretary of the Scottish Parliament’s Cross-Party Group on Architecture and the Built Environment for ten years.

“My current role is to lead my practice of 25 staff in delivering our vision – ‘to enhance people’s lives by designing great places.’”

What, in your opinion, are the strengths of the Scotland/Ireland/Northern Ireland relationship?

“There is an untapped synergy here which has the potential to unlock business benefits for all in this crazy Brexit implementation world we are operating in.”

What are three benefits of joining Causeway?

“The opportunity to network and make real connections in a friendly and sociable atmosphere, the exchange of knowledge on a whole range of business topics and the connection with Ireland and Irish businesses.”

What Causeway event are you most looking forward to in 2019 and why?

“It has to be the awards dinner on the 19th of September. It provides a fabulous opportunity to celebrate business success, host our own contacts and make new business connections - all this while having a very sociable and enjoyable evening in a stunning location!”

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received from another Causeway member?

“Even with all the strategizing and structuring of marketing efforts, it is amazing how an unexpected conversation that establishes a business rapport can lead to great opportunities.”

Would you like to find out who else is on the Causeway committees? Take a look at our Directors and Committees. To find out more about becoming a member of Causeway, view our membership options today.

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